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A warehouse-friendly approach to cantilever racks

What is Cantilever Racking, and how does it work? Cantilever racking is a type of steel storage structure used to store long, awkward goods. Long arms protrude from the metal frames of these heavy-duty racking systems, providing storage for long goods such as timber, pipes, or beams. Cantilever racking systems are found in storage yards and warehouses and are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. Out Door Cantilever Racks holds storage of large and heavy loading units, as well as non-standard shapes. Because they may be built in various ways and are available in double-sided and single-sided pieces, they are a versatile solution for storing loads of different sizes and shapes.

Things to Consider before Buying Cantilever Racks

It's critical to evaluate a few key factors before purchasing any new equipment for your warehouse or storage facility, whether its storage racks or material handling devices.

To begin, sketch out the layout of your facility and calculate the storage capacity. This will give you a fair sense of what kinds of items you can store and what type of racking system you'll require. The length of downtime necessary to install new cantilever racking systems for your warehouse is another crucial issue to consider. You may need to factor in a large amount of downtime depending on the size and configuration of the warehouse. Ensure that your budget allows for the cost of the product, installation, and any downtime you may require.

The height of your facility and the range of your material handling equipment are also critical considerations. Check to see if the cantilever racking system you're thinking about buying will clear the ceiling height and if your forklifts and other machines will be able to reach the uppermost shelves. You need to invest time and money in training warehouse employees to safely utilize the new cantilever racking system.

Advantages of Cantilever Racking

  • Adjustable Based On Your Storage Needs
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Increases Productivity

Choosing the Right Racking

By removing the inconvenience of storing big, long products, cantilever racking is a long-term capital investment in your company's productivity. If you need more flexibility in your storage, a cantilever racking system is the way to go. Orient Racking systems offer a complete range of  In Door Cantiliver Racks for the storage of long goods. We at Orient Racking Systems are excited to assist you in finding the ideal storage solution for your needs. In addition, our experienced project managers can assist you in optimizing the layout of your facility to boost storage capacity and productivity.